A Comparison of Greens and Information about our Leather

I recently responded to a customer requesting more information about the leathers we offer, specifically in green. I decided to post my response here because I included information comparing the leathers as well. I hope this is helpful.

We have a green color in each of our three main leathers, and as you can see, they’re quite different from each other. The Dark Green and Forest Green are both premium goatskins. Forest Green Roma has a slightly softer temper (basically hand feel, if that makes sense) than Dark Green Sully, which means that a Sully cover is going to be a little bit stiffer than a Roma Chagreen cover. The grain is slightly different between the Roma Chagreen and the Sully also, although, because they are natural grains, the graining varies for each hide anyway. Sometimes we even get hides of Sully and Roma Chagreen that have almost the same grain pattern; sometimes they’re drastically different. The Olive Green is a pullup cowhide from a tannery in Italy. It starts off a little stiff but breaks in beautifully over time. Pullup cowhide does require a little more care than the goatskins. It will scratch but the scratches come out easily by just buffing them with a dampened finger, and the color will fade if exposed to much sunlight. I keep my cowhide in a cover when not in use. The cowhide is a beautifully unique look though.

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