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    Bible Color Options

    Price for Sully and Roma Chagreen | Price for Cowhide

    Extra Small (Height 5-6.75")..... $135 | $155
    Small (Height 7")..... $165 | $185
    Medium (Height 8")..... $190 | $210
    Large (Height 9")..... $220 | $240
    Extra Large (Height 10"+)..... $240 | $260

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    Lambskin Liner Color Options

    More colors are available for an additional $20. Please comment below.

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    Ribbon Color

    Yapp Size


    Page Dying

    New Testament & XS: $10
    Small and Medium: $20
    Large & XL: $30

    Gilt Line

    New Testament & XS: $20
    S & M: $30
    L & XL: $40
    XXL: $50

    Spine Onlays

    Onlays are squares on the spine that are a different color than the cover. Describe the color, number and location. Limited to leather that we have on hand. Only available with Sully rebinds ($15 each)

    Spine Stamping

    Default: Holy Bible, Translation Initials, our company logo (this is not extra). Please write down any changes or additions that you want. Extra stamping is $1 a letter.

    Select Color

    Cover Stamping

    Text only, $1 per letter or $10 per name


    Perimeter stitching by hand.

    New Testament & XS: $40
    Small: $50
    M & L: $65
    XL: $75

    Stitching Color: We have a huge variety of colors available. Write in any color you would like or write "matching" if you want it to match the leather.

    Cover Embossing

    $40-80 - only available for Sully rebinds

    Below is an example of embossing and stitching. Please upload your idea for embossing (.jpg, .png, .pdf only). Must be discussed with rebinder. We will only do embossing on SULLY.

    Please provide any other comments or question below.

    Note: We will contact you with the full price of your project. Then, a deposit will need to be made to be placed on our schedule.