What We Provide

Whether restoring old, falling apart Bibles or bringing an artists eye to your project, every part of the rebinding process is done by hand to an exacting standard.

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Why Do We Do It

POST TENEBRAS LUX Bible Rebinding was established in 2017. Our passion for God's Word is what inspired us in the beginning and preserving well-loved Bibles is what drives us today. We seek to honor God with the work of our hands and strive for excellence in our craft to bring Him glory.

Trusted By Many


Jeffery Rice is an artist with a goal: providing the best hand-crafted Bible rebinding to the glory of God. I can testify to the quality and beauty if his work. You cannot go wrong trusting Post Tenebras Lux with your most beloved Bibles. He will give them many more years of service and ministry!

James White

James White

I can’t say enough about Jeffery’s work. I am amazed by his fine craftsmanship, and I recommend it to others. I shop Bibles all the time, and I’ve yet to find Bibles that look and feel as great as what you will find from Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding. I’m not only an admirer—I’m also a customer!

Gabe Hughes

Gabe Hughes

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